Car Washing Services in Springfield, IL

Bring Your Ride To Springfield’s Best Auto Wash

The full service car wash at A+ Car Wash and Detailing transforms your car from worn out to ready to ride!

Our auto wash in Springfield, IL is the only full-service auto wash in our community. We’ve been open since 1993 washing our community’s cars by hand, and we can’t wait to take care of yours.

Here are the car wash services you can find at our car wash.

The Full-Service Auto Wash You’ve Been Looking For!

Our full service car wash covers everything your vehicle needs to be totally refreshed. A+ Car Wash and Detailing pulls out all the stops to offer the best auto wash!

  • Carpet and Fabric Vacuum and Wash
  • Floor Mat Cleaning
  • Hand Wash and Hand Dry
  • Tire, Wheel, and Axel Cleaning
  • Chassis Bath
  • Rust Inhibitor
  • Armor All
  • Air Freshener and Treatment


Our Auto Wash Packages

A+ Car Wash and Detailing offers auto wash packages that let you save on the best car wash in Springfield, IL. Our car wash packages are perfect for getting your car or truck ready for a big day out or just shaking off the dust from last season.

  • Full Service Wash—Carpet and seat vacuum, all cloth hand wash and dry, tires cleaned, windows hand-washed
  • Sparkler Wash—Our Full Service Wash combined with Platinum Tri Polish Wax, chassis bath, and our rust inhibitor
  • Dazzler Wash—The full Sparkler Wash with Super Clear Coat Protectant, air freshener, wheel brightener, and our floor mat treatment
  • Ultra Wash—The entire Dazzler Wash plus our Armor All treatment
  • Manager’s Special—The Ultra Wash plus A+ Car Wash and Detailing’s Vacuum Plus and Wheel Deal


Join The Unlimited Wash Club!

Need regular washes and want to save money? The Unlimited Wash club at A+ Car Wash and Detailing offers you the best way to save with regular car washes.

Get Your Car Washing Services Today!

It’s time you had a full service car wash that gives your vehicle everything it needs. The auto wash at A+ Car Wash and Detailing in Springfield, IL can restore your vehicle to a flawless visual condition. Whether you’re joining our Unlimited Wash Club or you want to clean up after a long winter, we’ve got the auto wash services you need.

Head into A+ Car Wash and Detailing today to learn more about our auto detailing services and get your car washed today!